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Sports Partnerships

Union of European Football Associations

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) the governing body for 53 European football responsible to its members for the governing of the sport of football in accordance with its constitution, statutes and technical rules and for the sanctioning and staging of certain football matches, represents the national football associations of Europe. Special Olympics Europe Eurasia (SOEE) has a long-standing partnership (since 1998), with aim to promotes football for players with intellectual disabilities

Since 1999, Special Olympics Europe Eurasia, in partnership with UEFA under Football Social Responsibility Program—UEFA We Care and currently UEFA Respect, has achieved significant progress towards expansion of football opportunities for people with intellectual disability in 58 Special Olympics European Programs/countries: Expanded SOEE football programme from 30,000 to over 133,000 participants; Special Olympics Football programmes started in East and South East Europe; Established network of National Football Coordinators and Ambassadors; Bi-annual European conferences; Annual Special Olympics European Football Week with 50,000 participants, over 400 events in 50 countries each year; Organized 20 European-level football competitions for 6000 participants; Production of 6 training and coaches education DVD’s; Distribution of over 300 grants to 50 countries; Launched Unified Football initiative in 30 European Programs, with major focus on Youth Unified Football and Inclusion through football for 20,000 participants; Showcases at UEFA EURO 2008 & 2012 and UEFA Champions Festivals.