Submit Your Videos to Join the “Young Athletes in Motion” Music Video

Special Olympics and Hip Hop Public Health are creating a new song and music video to encourage Young Athletes families to stay physically active and healthy through dance.
Teaser Video

We need your help to make the music video!
Follow the three steps below to share your video clip to be included in the “Young Athletes in Motion” music video.
STEP 1: Watch Teaser Video
Watch the teaser to learn the YA dance moves.
STEP 2: Record Your Video
Follow the tips below to record your own video.
STEP 3: Upload your File
Complete a release form and upload your videos.
Recording your Video
Follow the tips below when creating your recording to make sure we are able to use your footage in the music video.
Wear your Young Athletes t-shirt or solid colors. Avoid wearing logos.
Record your video inside or outside, but try to find a background that’s not too busy. Make sure you have enough space.
Make sure you have lots of light and that the light is in front of you, not behind.
Include your Family
Videos can include Young Athletes, siblings, parents and others in the home.
Record Horizontally
Videos can be recorded on a phone, just turn it horizontally or landscape to capture your video.
Don’t Compress File
When your video is done make sure to upload the original file size.
Have Fun!
Don’t forget to have fun recording the dance moves together as a family.
Upload Now
Are you ready to share your video? Click the link below to complete the release form and upload your videos.