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“Young Athletes in Motion” Music Video
“Young Athletes in Motion” Music Video
Special Olympics and Hip Hop Public Health have created a new song and music video to encourage Young Athletes families to stay physically active and healthy through dance.
Tools for Young Athletes Coaches
The “Young Athletes in Motion” music video can support children with warming up or cooling down during Young Athletes activities and can encourage children to move and dance during in-person and virtual activities.
Watch the music video on YouTube or download the MP4 file to use the Music Video in your Young Athletes activities.
Download the MP3 file to integrate the Young Athletes in motion song into your in-person or virtual activities.
Share the Young Athletes in Motion Music Video
The Young Athletes in Motion music video is finally here! Use the tools below to share the music video with families, Young Athletes coaches and more.
Share the Young Athletes in Motion music with everyone you know through crafted social media and newsletter content.
Check out GIFs and images that can be used to highlight the music video.
Learn more about Special Olympics’ partnership with Hip Hop Public Health to fight childhood obesity through inclusion and dance.
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Special Olympics Young Athletes is a sport and play program for children with and without intellectual disabilities (ID), ages 2 to 7 years old.