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Athlete performing the long jump.
Special Olympics Guam (SOGU) organization is about Respect, Dignity and Compassion. We provide a healthy, happy, safe and inclusive environment for our athletes with the help of our Island Community. Our Revolution of Inclusion is a mindset, a movement and goal for everyone to open their minds, hearts and commit to including people with intellectual disabilities, recognizing their abilities and NOT their disabilities. SOGU works to create an environment by which athletes are nurtured through sports and life skills that will empower them with confidence and build their self-esteem to be independent and productive citizens of our island community. Our athletes are not just athletes but ambassadors of uprising peaceful protestors whose lives are challenged by their disabilities. Our Athletes strive for equality, dignity and recognition into our island community.

The very oath of champions that each and every one of us recites before each event, “Let me win, But if I can not win, Let me be brave in the attempt.” Is our way of life!

Special Olympics Guam (SOGU) is a registered non-profit organization on Guam for over forty years. SOGU is accredited and recognized under the Special Olympics Asia Pacific (SOAP) region overseen by Special Olympics International (SOI), the governing body for this Global Movement. SOGU is an organization solely run by dedicated yearlong volunteers.
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