Learning from Each Other

Learning from Each Other06-20-2017.jpg

What better way to create the next generation of Special Olympics youth leaders than bringing youth from different countries in the region together to allow them to learn from each other?

In June, 20 youth leaders from all over Europe Eurasia met in Frankfurt for the Special Olympics Europe Eurasia Youth Development Workshop.

The workshop was made possible by the generous support of the European Union.

The youth leaders from Denmark, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Serbia, Romania and Great Britain participated in training sessions on budgeting and language skills. They also led a variety of session on events, social media and healthy eating habits.

Special Olympics Europe Eurasia Youth Coordinator Bettina Lehmann said that the “workshop was a huge success. All athletes contributed with their own experiences and shared their knowledge with each other. The unified, respectful and open atmosphere could be felt throughout the event.”

Participants also found the interaction of everybody in such a vivid group to be truly refreshing!