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Our sports trainings are geared toward the ability level of our athletes and our competitions are designed so that athletes compete against athletes of the same approximate ability level.

We offer the several programs for athletes that meet a range of ability levels and needs.

Our community-based training and competition is one of our more well-known programs as it offers 12 individual and team sports for athletes of all ages with a range of disabilities. Trainings and competitions take place in the evenings and weekends.

Our Motor Activities Training Program (MATP) is specifically for athletes with severe disabilities, with an emphasis on skill building and participation rather than competition.

Our Unified Sports® Program is characterized by an equal numbers of athletes with and without developmental disabilities of similar age and ability competing on teams together.

Our Schools Partnership Program is a sports training and competition program integrated into the regular school day for special education students. This program offers three sports during the school year: soccer, basketball and track & field.

We offer 12 sanctioned community sports and five school-based sports in the Clark County School district. Annually, we have more than 22 school-based, local and state competition opportunities and more than 25 special events to raise both awareness and funding for our growing program.

Our Impact:
Our athletes often experience improved physical fitness, greater self-confidence and a more positive self-image. Our athletes and volunteers discover new abilities and talents and grow intellectually and socially. Our program increases community engagement and social participation among disabled children and adults and non-disabled community alike.

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