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Inclusive Healthy Lifestyle Groups in Schools
The Inclusive Healthy Lifestyle Groups in School (IHLGIS) is funded through the EU4 Health Programme. The project focuses on the promotion of healthy lifestyles in schools for students with and without intellectual disabilities (ID). The project commenced on the 1st of November 2022 and will run for 36 Months and finish on the 31st October 2025. The partners in the project are the SO Europe Eurasia, Special Olympics Estonia, Special Olympics Berlin, Special Olympics Poland and National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Special Olympics Berlin will be a key partner in this project as they will help with cementing the legacy of the 2023 Special Olympics World Summer Games.

Project Objectives/Activities


Develop and implement accessible, inclusive health promotion, fitness and well-being programmes in special schools and institutions adapted to the needs of students with ID. The project will be led by peer-to-peer groups with and without ID and supported by mentors and health experts with a focus on healthy nutrition and hydration, regular health enhancing physical activity, mental health and health literacy.


Engage throughout the project local community health services, families, local education bodies and other organisations to support the development of inclusive and healthy school environments. Assist these organisations in helping them to improve awareness of how to promote healthy lifestyles for young people with ID.


Disseminate project outcomes and results through social media, conferences and publications to key stakeholders and decision makers. Conclude the project with best practices in inclusive approach to adapted health promotion programs in schools and institutions for people with ID.

Specific metrics to be met


Train 200 Youth Leaders with and without ID and 100 mentors to run inclusive healthy lifestyle groups for 4,000 young people with and without ID in Poland, Hellas, Berlin area and Estonia.


Establish school network of 100 schools running inclusive Healthy Lifestyle groups in the 4 countries.


Train and activate at least 190 volunteer health care professionals and medical students to run healthy literacy and health promotion activities for 4,000 youth with and without ID in the 4 countries.


Create accessible resources Easy-to-Read packages to make them accessible to participants with ID, including mental health and health literacy education and health promotion material (e.g.: Healthy Athletes education material, SO Fit 5 resources).


Final Research and Activity Report including qualitative and quantitative analysis and set of recommendation for replication purposes in other EU member states. Creating a structure for the project to be sustainable is a key focus for this project.

News Media

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