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Special Olympics Operation Safeguard
Special Olympics Operation Safeguard, funded through the EU Erasmus+ programme, is a key project for the development of safeguarding processes across the SOEE region. While most safeguarding policies focus on children and youth, for Special Olympics National Programmes it is essential they have protective procedures that will protect vulnerable adults with intellectual disability (ID) as well. This project will be the start of this journey. This project began in June 2022 and will finish by 30th May 2024. The partners for this project are SO Europe Eurasia, Special Olympics Ireland, Special Olympics Slovakia, Special Olympics Estonia, Special Olympics Cyprus, Special Olympics Belgium and the Centre for Sports and Human Rights (CSHR). CSHR are a key partner in this project as they have a wealth of experience in developing safeguarding policies and procedures for a number of international sports organisations and governing bodies.

Project Objectives/Activities


Each National Programme in the consortium to have an official safeguarding policy in place by the end of the project.


This policy should be tailored to the National Programmes specific needs and will take into account local legislation/laws.


Each National Programme in the consortium to have in place a Safeguarding-training programme, reporting processes established and resources to support each National Programmes’ safeguarding policy.


SO Europe Eurasia and CSHR will also disseminate the project outcomes to their network and promote the need for national and international sports federations to have safeguarding procedures and policies in place to protect children and adults with ID.


SO Europe Eurasia will disseminate the key outcomes and recommendations from the project to the Special Olympics National Programmes in the SOEE region to assist them in developing their own safeguarding policies and procedures.

News Media

European Union-Supported Safeguarding Project Concludes in Slovakia

Meetings held in Bratislava, Slovakia, on 12 March marked the conclusion of the Special Olympics Operation Safeguard initiative, funded by the European Union's Erasmus+.
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Higher ‘Happiness Levels’ and Self-Confidence among Outcomes as Three-Year Sport Initiative Nears Finish

More than 5,000 children with intellectual disabilities have seen an improvement in their overall happiness, motor and social skills as a result of the EEA and Norway Grants-funded project.
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Erasmus+ Funded Special Olympics Operation Safeguard Project Advances in Estonia

Key discussions held on safeguarding progress and inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities
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