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17-year-old Bocce athlete from Saudi Arabia Gets Ready For Special Olympics World Games 2019

17-year-old Sara Felemban is one of fourteen female athletes from Saudi Arabia that will be competing in the upcoming Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019. She will be one of four Bocce athletes competing for the nation, a sport she has recently picked up. She is already a gold medalist in bowling.

Sara was born with Down syndrome and has attended the Jeddah Help Centre’s early intervention program where she received assistance and education. Upon graduation in May, she was at the top of her class and has won many medals in bowling, swimming and track.

Sara currently lives in Jeddah with her parents and sisters Lara and Riyad, whom she describes as her best friends.

Sara is very excited to compete in Bocce at the world games, and describes the relationship with her sports as her relationship with her sister. “Bocce and Bowling are sisters. Bocce and Bowling are like Sara and Lara, they are very close to each other.”

Sara Felemban sitting on a Bocce court holding a bocce ball looking up at the camera and smiling.
Sara Felemban, a Bocce athlete from Jeddah, will be one of fourteen women from Saudi Arabia competing at the World Games.