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Floorball Coaches Met in Dublin


As floorball’s popularity grows every day in our movement across the globe, Dublin played host to a unique Special Olympics Floorball coaching seminar.

Funded through the kind support of the European Union, the seminar took place at the Dublin National Sports Campus and was facilitated by Performa Sports who provide software for coaches to analyze their team’s performances. Some of the athletes from the Special Olympic Ireland Floorball team who went to Austria World Games also joined the session to share their experiences.

The seminar was very enthusiastically received by all coaches. Kennet Rosén from Special Olympics Sweden said, “[I]t was a very interesting weekend. It was great to talk with the other coaches on the seminar and to get their inputs.” All coaches will get to use the Performa Sports app for a trial period and some key recommendations will be made about how technology can be used by coaches afterward to in turn boost the skills of our athletes. Exciting times ahead!