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From Athlete to Workplace Role Model: ‘I enjoy challenges!’

Oana dressed as an athlete on the left and as an office assistant on the right. Text Reads: Oana Rotar, Romania. Inclusion Works: The Revolution is Inclusion

Special Olympics athlete Oana Rotar has been breaking employment barriers in Romania: she is the first woman with Down syndrome employed in the national government’s public administration.

She’s a dedicated worker at the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. Oana is also a role model for other athletes—and for her colleagues at work. "I like to work and I like what I do,” says Oana. “Whatever my boss explains to me, I understand and do it.”

She adds, “I would like to tell the other Special Olympics athletes that it is important to work, to have your own money and learn things. I am a fast learner and I enjoy everyday challenges in the office. The advice I received from Special Olympics Romania helped me a lot, and now I can’t wait to share my experience with other young athletes in the programme.”

Oana’s employment journey began with “Employee, Do Not Assist!” workshops. There, experts and Special Olympics staff helped her to present herself and sharpen her interview skills.

Learn more about the “Employee, Do Not Assist!

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