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Learning Perseverance in the Mountains of Pakistan


Parvez is perhaps one of the toughest athletes at Special Olympics Pakistan.

Parvez is the sole bread winner of his family and works as a laborer in a wheat field in Gilgit. He walks to the field 10 to 12 KM daily, carrying freshly cut wheat on his back. This has perhaps contributed to him being an excellent athlete, with incredible stamina, making him even better at snowshoeing!

While it was difficult for him to get along with others initially, he has now become one of the most caring athletes we have had the pleasure of witnessing. He also has a very strong bond with his coach Amna Baig.

Parvez is referred to as “Captain” at the training camps. Whenever he is down, sick or simply not in the mood to train, the nickname “Captain” does the trick and he works 10 times harder than he normally does! His only concerns are his mother’s health and making her proud of his achievements.