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Leading the Way in Ireland: Philomena O’Hare

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Philomena O’Hare of Ireland has worked her way from the playing field to membership on the international Special Olympics Sports Rules Advisory Committee.

Her Special Olympics journey began 20 years ago as a Special Olympics athlete. Soon after joining, Philomena showed superb development in her skills and started taking more responsibilities as an athlete leader, volunteer, assistant coach and official.

In the past 20 years, she competed at all competition levels up to national level in basketball, bowling and table tennis.

At the 2015 World Games in Los Angeles, Philomena participated as a basketball table official for the first time in her career.

She continues to be an active athlete leader in Special Olympics Ireland with the support of her mentor, Mary Davitt.

Philomena’s hard work and dedication was rewarded she was appointed as an athlete representative to the international Special Olympics Sports Rules Advisory Committee. The committee reviews rules Special Olympics uses in its sports worldwide.

"I am delighted and honoured to have been selected as the Athlete representative for SRAC," she said. "I know there is lots of hard work involved, but I am not afraid of hard work. I look forward to this new challenge and hope I represent my fellow athletes well."

It is a fantastic achievement for any member of the movement to be appointed to this committee. It is a remarkable testament to Philomena’s hard work, knowledge and experience. She will be on the committee for a four-year term.