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How a Nine-Year-Old Athlete Had His Life Changed

Young male athlete receiving an examination on his amputated leg by a health professional.

Special Olympics Samoa held its first Fit Feet events in April and May. Liui’a Nikosiaki, a 9 year old athlete from the village of Mutiatele Aleipata attended and had his life changed.

Liui’a was struck by a car when he was a child and had his left leg amputated. He was given crutches to walk, but as he grew older he outgrew them. His family began carrying him around town and to Special Olympics events. At Fit Feet, Liui’a was referred to a local health services provider that did measurements for an artificial leg. They also provided him with new crutches to use until he receives his new artificial leg. For Liui’a and his mom this was a proud moment.

“I felt very happy and very proud! I am no longer going to need help and crutches since with my prosthetic leg I will be able to walk straight like other kids. I will be able to enjoy playing sports.”
Liui’a Nikosiaki

His mother also commented. “I am very thankful that such an opportunity and blessing has reached our family through our son Liui'a who had great difficulties moving around. Who are we to have received such a huge blessing. Thank you, Thank you for the Healthy community program and partnership with Mobility Device Services that has made this possible.”

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