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Naide Demir: A Shining Star Leading Her Team


Naide Demir from Pancevo has been a star of her local basketball team ever since she first stepped on the basketball court. The Special Olympics Serbia athlete who is 17 years old is always pushing the ball forward and leading her team to the victory.

This year’s European Basketball Week 2017 celebrations in Serbia with the annual National Female Basketball Tournament in the city of Novi Sad was no different! What makes her a true champion, however, is that she always puts her team first.

When discussing the tournament she praised the efforts of her team: “Our team did great today, we all worked hard and won the first place. But what matters the most is that it was a fun day for all. Everyone showed their best and everyone on the court was a winner.”

She also touched on European Basketball Week and what it means to her: “It’s a cool feeling to know that this is happening all around Europe at the same time. It shows how powerful Special Olympics is and how big of a support we have!”