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Shanghai to Helsinki: Floorball 101


Visitors all the way from Shanghai came to Helsinki, Finland to learn about the sport of floorball.

A unified group of children with special needs as well as some young Chinese floorball players embarked on this journey to develop their skills and knowledge of the sport.

As part of their trip to Helsinki they played a friendly match against the Special Olympics Finland floorball team which had finished second in Austria 2017 Games. As the experience levels of the Finnish and Chinese teams differed excessively, the first two periods proved to be less fun.

However, in the third period, the teams were mixed and the actual fun began! The players were all smiles.

Another highlight of the trip was the amazing ball tricks of Finnish Lauri Kinnunen which made quite an impression on young Chinese players. They seemed ready to take those skills back with them to China.

Here's hoping that some of these Chinese athletes will come join the Finnish athletes in floorball courts in the next World Games.