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Special Olympics Unified Robotics Competition

The Special Olympics Unified Robotics competition was held in Seattle, Washington on Sunday, November 18th. The event brought together 150 students in several teams from across Western Washington each year. It is intended to encourage students with special needs who are interested in engineering to come out and display their talents while continually emphasizing inclusion and awareness in STEM.

Robot in competition circle; competitor is kneeling down behind with his robot to enter the ring.
Young lady is tinkering with her robot, an onlooker in the background is watching what she is doing while holding her robot.
Close up photo of one of the robots.
Young man is holding a robot and looking off toward an athlete.
Photo of a robot with two visual sensors, tire treads, and cords coming out of the top.
Close up of a robot with wheels and two paddle in the front.
Closeup or a robot with tank teds, a ramp in front and two visual sensors.
Two robots sitting in front of a logo that is an illustration of a robot with text blow that reads, Monster
Close up of a robot sitting onto of a box.
Close up of a robot with two wheels in front, visual sensors, and a grill.
competitor is reaching down to grab a robot sitting in the robot competition circle.