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Community Impact

Volunteering With Special Olympics Swaziland Changed Me

Swaziland volunteer sitting behind a desk at a computer.

My name is Ntombi Nkambule, and I volunteer for Special Olympics Swaziland. I was inspired to get involved with Special Olympics to help build the self-esteem and confidence in people living with intellectual disabilities, and to improve understanding and acceptance among communities.

People with intellectual disabilities are not treated very well in my country, because people are not educated on how to treat and accept a person with intellectual disabilities. People with intellectual disabilities are left out in community activities, and family members are ashamed of their children. I’ve seen a big change with athletes, because the sporting activities help them to come out of the box.

This program has really changed my attitude towards the children and adults with intellectual disabilities: I can now relate to them better, and stand up for them. People should support Special Olympics to reduce the stigma on people with intellectual disabilities, and help them be the best they can be.