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2020 Holiday E-Card

After a unique year, the Special Olympics family is wishing you and yours a very happy and fully inclusive holiday! Let's get this holiday season started!
2020 holiday e card

Debbie Gibson's “Sleigh Ride" was performed and recorded for the album "A Very Special Christmas 2."

You can also upload the Special Olympics Holiday Card 2020, created by Robert Jones, to your email. It's easy to do, just follow these instructions.


With respect to the distribution of this year's digital holiday card, please note the following terms of the publishers' approvals of the use of the "Sleigh Ride" musical composition in the card:

  1. The composition may be used solely as part of the digital holiday card.
  2. Not more than two (2) minutes of the composition may be used.
  3. The e-card may be distributed solely on the Special Olympics website, through Special Olympics e-mail, and Special Olympics social media accounts; the e-card may not be distributed elsewhere, such as Twitter, Snapchat or Vimeo.
  4. The card may not be distributed as part of paid media or so-called "boosted" social media posts.
  5. The card may not be distributed later than 12/30/20.
  6. The card may not include any branding, sponsorship or logos of any third party product, brand or service.