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Special Olympics Korea Held National Weight Lifting Championship

Seoul Special Olympics Korea Weight Lifting Competition 2018.jpg

Seoul Special Olympics Korea held its 2nd National Weight lifting Championship on June 8-9 2018. Around 120 participants including 34 athletes with intellectual disabilities took part in the competition.

The competition was organized with two detailed events: squat and deadlift, and the total record comes from the sum of the two events. The athletes showed as much skill and passion as athletes without intellectual disabilities do, and both coaches and volunteers cheered in unison for the athletes who are challenging their limits. In consequence of support, they showed outstanding performance with the best record of 440kg in the men’s competition and 282kg in the women’s competition.

Due to the success of the National Weight lifting Championship, athletes with intellectual disabilities will be encouraged to participate in weight lifting more frequently, which is expected to help raise the awareness of Seoul Special Olympics Korea.