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Inclusion Revolution Radio - Shanaia Xuereb

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Welcome to our special edition of Inclusion Revolution Radio and Spotlight Sessions from Special Olympics and accessiBe. It’s an exclusive series of conversations, where we talk about all things inclusion, sport and accessibility.

In our seventh episode, we were fortunate enough to speak to Shanaia Xuereb, Special Olympics Malta Athlete, Health Messenger, and member of the Athlete Leadership Committee. This year Shanaia got to represent Malta at the Global Athlete Leadership Conference, helping to lead the way for a more inclusive world. Additionally, as a health messenger, Shanaia helped to advocate for athletes and serve as a health and wellness role model for the Special Olympics community.

In this episode, Shanaia discusses:
  1. Her favorite moments from the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023.
  2. The experience of connecting with athlete leaders from all over the world in person at the SO.
  3. How the Special Olympics changed her life, helping to build her confidence, independence, and create lifelong friendships.
  4. The topic of empowering women in society and sports, and why it’s so important.
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