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Special Olympics – Five Days in Folgaria

Text reads: Special Olympics: Five days in Folgaria

A new sports documentary following the athletes, coaches and volunteers of Special Olympics Great Britain has been released globally by BBC Sport.

‘Five Days in Folgaria’ tells the inside story of the SOGB’s first ever national Winter Games, which took place in northern Italy in January of this year.

The sports documentary is currently available to view anywhere around the world by following this link - Special Olympics: Five Days in Folgaria - BBC Sport

Special Olympics Great Britain partnered with BBC Sport Correspondent Joe Wilson and Assistant Editor Rasheed Speede for the special length 25-minute documentary. It was exclusively released on Saturday 17 February through the BBC Global News channel and via THE BBC iPlayer across the United Kingdom.

Joe Wilson said: “Both Rasheed and myself are delighted with ‘Special Olympics Five Days in Folgaria’. We hope we’ve captured the spirit and the purpose of your sport. That’s what we set out to do.

“The help and friendship of the competitors, coaches and volunteers made our work a pleasure. We know just how joyful and crucial sport is for people with intellectual disabilities. We wanted to make a documentary length feature to give us the time and space to truly reflect that. The first ever British Winter Games was the perfect setting.”

BBC Sport - Special Olympics: Five Days in Folgaria Trailer
Satch the preview of BBC documentary, Special Olympics: Five Days in Folgaria. The 25-minute documentary gives the inside story of Special Olympics Great Britain's first National Winter Games, which was staged in Folgaria, Italy.Watch the full documentary on BBC

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