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A Critical Moment for Inclusive Health

A Special Olympics athlete who got free health screenings in the Healthy Athletes Program during World Games Abu Dhabi 2019 makes a heart-shaped sign with his hands while looking at camera. Spanish text in front of him reads "Together, we have the power to make sure nobody is left behind during this critical moment."
Special Olympics  Health is creating a world where people with intellectual disabilities have every opportunity to be healthy.

People with intellectual disabilities face notable disparities and greater challenges regarding access to quality health care services. In turn, this makes them more vulnerable to COVID-19 and its complications.

Special Olympics is in the unique position of being the only leader in health for people with ID and we are driving the global direction on health policy and programming for disabilities, making #inclusivehealth a reality. People with intellectual disabilities should be able to take full advantage of the same health programs and services available to people who do not have intellectual disabilities.

A medical volunteer, member of the Healthy Athletes program, performs health screenings to Special Olympics athlete.
Special Olympics Healthy Athletes Program offers free health screenings to people with intellectual disabilities while training the next generation of the healthcare workforce.

Special Olympics is continuing its “Revolution is Inclusion” five-year global campaign targeting health care professionals and the younger generation of Millennials and Centennials by demonstrating the power of inclusive health and fitness and raising awareness of the health disparities that exist for people with intellectual disabilities. The organization is making a prominent marketing and communications push to urge doctors, nurses and other frontline healthcare professionals to learn how to better treat people with intellectual disabilities and offers specialized trainings for medical professionals to educate them on how to adapt their routine or office to treat people with intellectual disabilities. The campaign also seeks to attract a younger generation of supporters to teach them to adopt inclusion and be advocates for people with intellectual differences.

A nurse administers the COVID-19 vaccine to athlete Eneida Torres, from Special Olympics Puerto Rico.
Vaccination against COVID-19 is one of our priorities.

In Latin America, we want to dismiss the existing fears and misinformation on the vaccination process, and encourage governments and healthcare professionals to prioritize the vaccination of people with intellectual disabilities and those around them. We are stronger together.

#ChooseToInclude and spread the word on the importance of #InclusiveHealth!

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