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A Powerful Example of Inclusion

Special Olympics El Salvador athlete wears the limited-edition soccer shirt designed by Special Olympics athletes.
Athlete from Special Olympics El Salvador, wearing the t-shirt designed by athletes.

Special Olympics El Salvador commemorated World Down Syndrome Day with a great example of inclusion, collaboration and awareness-raising.

On March 20, the professional football (soccer) teams Santa Tecla Soccer Club faced Municipal Limeño in a hard-fought match. But beyond the spectacle of soccer, audiences witnessed a powerful homage to Special Olympics athletes, with a very special commemoration of World Down Syndrome Day.

Special Olympics El Salvador athlete escorting referee onto the playing field.
Players from the Santa Tecla Soccer Club were escorted to the playing field by athletes from Special Olympics El Salvador.

It all began on March 4, when players from the Santa Tecla Soccer Club participated in a workshop with athletes from Special Olympics El Salvador. In the workshop, the Special Olympics athletes designed a t-shirt that the players would wear on their anticipated match against Municipal Limeño. The art created by the eight athletes formed part of the final design, and this was just the beginning of a grand collaboration that included corporate partnerships, like sportswear brand MACA and El Salvador media outlets.

A media tour was organized to promote the limited-edition shirt, the partnership between Special Olympics El Salvador and the Santa Tecla Soccer Club, and the upcoming match. Athletes from Special Olympics El Salvador were part of the game’s opening ceremony, which became a commemoration of World Down Syndrome Day, showing audiences a magnificent act of representation, inclusion and awareness-raising.

Special Olympics El Salvador athletes accompanying players to the field as part of the games opening ceremony.
Players from the Santa Tecla Soccer Club, accompanied to the field by Special Olympics El Salvador athletes, wore the shirts designed by athletes to commemorate World Down Syndrome Day.

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