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Europe Eurasia Committees Discuss Regional Plans in Slovakia

Europe Eurasia committees discuss regional plans in Slovakia.jpg

The town of Samorin in Slovakia became a hive of activity recently when two Special Olympics Europe Eurasia committees met together there! The Europe Eurasia Leadership Council (EELC) and the Competition and Training Advisory Committee (CTAC) came together to discuss key upcoming events for the region.

Marian Murphy, Senior Director for Organisational Development, Special Olympics Europe Eurasia said, “Combining the expertise of both groups offered an invaluable opportunity for the region, particularly as we celebrate Special Olympics 50th anniversary and prepare for the Regional Leadership Conference later in 2018.

EELC is composed of National Directors or board members from national offices. Its remit includes establishing long-range plans for region-based events. CTAC, composed of National Sports Directors, advises EELC in sports development strategy and competition rules implementation.

Both committees include members from the Athlete Input Council and Youth Advisory Committee.