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Exceptional Parent Magazine Digs into Special Olympics Athlete Eric Massey’s Training Regime and Healthy Lifestyle

Eric Massey standing poolside flexing both arms in the air after one of his heats at a USA Games.
Eric Massey showing off his hard work poolside at USA Games.

The following is an excerpt from the article titled “Two Billion Steps Later, Athletes Continue Leading the Way on the Road to Fitness” found on page 38 of Exceptional Parent Magazine.

Have you seen fitness challenges online and wondered if they really can impact someone’s overall health? The latest Special Olympics report suggests that tracking steps and tying in social support indeed can make a difference. Just ask Eric Massey.

“I reached my goal of weighing under 200 pounds. I’m learning more about healthy eating and ways to stick to my healthy eating plan! My friend and I work out at the gym with our trainer,” Eric shares. “I also do rock climbing with my family.”

Eric, a two-time 2022 USA Games bronze medalist, university student in exercise and movement science, iRev (short for Inclusion Revolution) inclusive workout founder and Special Olympics Health Messenger, is among the burgeoning number of people with intellectual disabilities who are leading the way through fitness challenges.

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