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Special Olympics Chairman Paid a Visit Down Under


Dr. Timothy Shriver and Special Olympics Australia engaged government officials and captains of industry to further the cause.

The chairman of Special Olympics, Dr. Shriver visited Australia in February for what proved to be an immensely fruitful trip. His itinerary included high-level talks with ministers representing Health, Sport, Disability and Education, where he convinced them of the importance of our mission. He also attended a 50th Anniversary reception hosted by the Governor General of Australia where even the heaviest rainstorm in a hundred years did not dampen the festivities!

Dr. Shriver also engaged captains of industry at the American Chamber of Commerce and staff from the American Consulate. At one of the presentations with PricewaterhouseCoopers, our hosts took the opportunity to launch the Socio Economic Impact Report undertaken on behalf of Special Olympics Australia. A first for the Program!

Congratulations and thanks to Corene and her team at Special Olympics Australia for their amazing work.