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Global Partnerships for Education Highlights Special Olympics’ Call for Global State of Inclusion

Special Olympics Chief of Global Youth and Education Jacqueline Jodl explains why Special Olympics is challenging governments to dedicate 3% of their education budgets to help educate students with intellectual disabilities.
A teenage student writing on a sheet of paper.
Students at Woodson High School in Washington, DC learned about inclusive attitudes during an assembly presented by students in the Special Olympics Unified School program.

The following is an excerpt for the article published by the Global Partnership for Education entitled Falling short: Not including Children with Intellectual Disabilities in School Hurts All Children.

In a call to action, Special Olympics is challenging governments around the world to demonstrate their stated commitments to inclusive education policies by allocating three percent of their education funding to high-quality, evidence-based inclusionary practices that fully integrate students with intellectual disabilities into school communities.

People with intellectual disabilities represent three percent of the population. Allocating three percent of education budgets to develop programs that foster social inclusion is an indisputably fair starting point for governments to ensure their inclusive policies are translated to practices that create truly inclusive school communities.

In our brief “Global State of Inclusion in Education”, we want to expand educators’ and policymakers’ understanding of how the vision of international inclusive education is falling short of including all learners, no matter their identity, background, or ability.

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