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Special Olympics Continues to get Active in Winter Sports

person with ski gear on in the snow
SOGB skier at SOGB’s National Winter Games

The International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS) shared the following excerpt about Special Olympics’ involvement in World Snow Day and the Special Olympics Great Britain Winter Games in Italy.

For the last three years, FIS has had the privilege of working with Special Olympics to improve access to snow sports for persons with an intellectual disability.

A key part of this partnership was the creation and distribution of the Special 10. Modelled on the 10 FIS Rules for the Conduct of Skiers and Snowboards, the Special 10 sets out the 10 steps all persons should follow to include persons with an intellectual disability in snow sports.

As well as the development of these Special 10, Special Olympics have been very active on their side to engage their stakeholders in snow sports. Firstly, the organization and its members celebrated World Snow Day 2024. A digital campaign was created and coupled with events specific for persons with and intellectual disability.

Happy #WorldSnowDay! ❄️ Whether you're skiing down the slopes or ripping it up with a snowboard, today is all about celebrating the beauty…

Following World Snow Day, the inaugural National Winter Games took place in Folgaria (ITA). Clubs and participants from across the UK descended on Italian village to engage in what was an outstanding series of snow and ice competitions. Thanks to a cooperation with the BBC a documentary of the event was released and open to view for all.

Looking ahead, FIS is currently in discussions with Special Olympics to renew and expand the partnership.

Special Olympics: Five Days in Folgaria - BBC Sport

BBC Sport - Special Olympics: Five Days in Folgaria Trailer
Satch the preview of BBC documentary, Special Olympics: Five Days in Folgaria. The 25-minute documentary gives the inside story of Special Olympics Great Britain's first National Winter Games, which was staged in Folgaria, Italy.Watch the full documentary on BBC

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