Special Olympics Leadership Academy Visited MENA Region


The Special Olympics MENA Leadership Academy took place in Cairo, Egypt, from 24- 28 September with the participation of representatives from nine MENA countries (Bahrain, Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon, Mauritania, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt & Oman) in addition to SO MENA staff and three athlete leaders who brought energy and inclusiveness to the Academy.

The 5- day workshop included training on leadership, behavioral styles, influencing others, planning, effective communications, networking and partnerships leading to building an action plan for each leader, which matches the objectives of Special Olympics movement. Moreover, this workshop featured external speakers & panelists who brought diversity & interactive sessions to life.

"I hope the participants make use of all the learning, put it into smart actions and use their capacities to sustain our success, overcome any challenges and achieve the overall goals," Abdel Wahab said during the closing of the workshop.