Made For Each Other: A Brother and Sister Tale

Made For Each Other- A Brother and Sister Tale.jpg

From riding bikes, playing basketball and enjoying a game of hide and go seek, there is nothing like having a sibling to have fun with.

Special Olympics athlete Dan Tucholski from Anne Arundel county and his sister Kate Tucholski did all these activities and much more! The dynamic duo has always shared a mutual respect. Mother Eva Tucholski said, “Kate was always Dan’s motivator as a child”.

As a military family they moved around a lot which brought Dan and Kate closer because “we depended on each other a lot” said Kate. She was always helping her older brother Dan but not in a motherly way, but as a “team”, Said Mother Eva. Kate has always admired her brother Dan’s drive and determination, “He grew up with so many obstacles, but is excited to do everything he can with a smile”. Mother Eva shared, “I think their relationship is more than just siblings, there is a kind of respect”.