50 Game Changers

Rosemary and Eunice standing under and umbrella (black and white photo)
ESPN and Special Olympics teamed up on a year-long storytelling initiative telling the stories of game changers and game changing moments toward inclusion.
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Split image of Danielle with credentials around her neck and a head shot of her smiling.
Danielle pushed beyond any low expectations—far beyond.
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Elliot De Niro
At a young age, Elliot De Niro developed strength and confidence through tennis. Today, he shares his love of sport and exercise with his best friend, Max, as they learn and grow together.
Special Olympics Life in electric green and blue
Friday, 8 March, Special Olympics went coast to coast doing a live stream featuring our athletes and influencers to show the world how much better it can be when we practice inclusion and #ChooseToInclude.
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Boy smiling sitting on bleachers holding a basketball wearing a red Special Olympics tank top with a team sign, "Hurricanes" in the background.
Taublieb Films came to Portland, Maine from Malibu, California a couple weeks ago to film us.
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Arpita wading in the water instructing athletes on how to swim.
While filming the “50 Game Changers” series our production crew was able to capture some images of Odisha, Bharat, the community that Arpita calls home.
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