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More Confidence, Better Health through Sports: Reginald’s Story

These days, Reginald Fong is upbeat and chatty. It’s hard to imagine that he used to be shy and withdrawn, rarely communicating with others.
2 Min Read

FanSided Spreads Awareness to the Benefits of Badminton

The following is an excerpt by FanSided from the article titled Spreading the Benefits of Badminton:
1 Min Read

The Intersection Between Badminton & Autism

World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated around the world on 2 April and designated by the United Nations to highlight the need to help improve the quality of life of those with autism so they can lead full and meaningful lives as an integral part of society.
4 Min Read

Athlete Finds Health, Motivation in Virtual Fitness

Amber Gertsch has a passion for everything she does—taking care of her red-tail hawk, sword-fighting, being an emergency medical technician—but some things stand out more than others.
2 Min Read

Samantha Soars

For SO New Zealand athlete Samantha Shepherd, Special Olympics is the place where she found belonging, personal growth and friendship.
2 Min Read

Special Olympics Florida Athletes Earn Medals at the New York Marathon 2021

8 November 2021. Two Special Olympics Florida athletes competed in the New York Marathon yesterday. Samantha Rodriquez and Chris Nikic both pushed through the cold to claim their marathon medals.
1 Min Read

Special Olympics Coach Amber Radford Gets Creative During Pandemic to Keep Athletes Active

Amber Radford, a Special Olympics North Carolina coach, shares how the impact she has on all the athletes affects her. She details her start with the movement.
5 Min Read

“Healthy In Body, Heart & Mind”

One of April’s “Autism Awareness” themes is celebrating ways that people with autism lead full and healthy lives. For the Taylor twins, that’s something they celebrate every day.
1 Min Read

My interview with a Special Olympics Athlete from Macau

I’m well aware of the challenges of an autistic person in the United States but I wanted to take this opportunity to learn the challenges people with autism face living in Asia.
3 Min Read

Special Olympics Athlete Ashley Adie Finds a Sense of Belonging; Both in Sport and the Workplace

In 2004, 14-year old Ashley Adie experienced true inclusion for the first time. During a Special Olympics British Columbia Regional swim meet, Adie would enjoy the competition, but she found something much more than the ribbons and personal bests that day.
3 Min Read