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Aerie & Special Olympics: 5th Year of Partnership

Five years of teaming up with Aerie to bolster confidence and foster inclusive communities! Check out the 8 athletes who participated in this year's photo shoot.
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Caroline Tangitau Sweeps Silver in Powerlifting

Caroline Tangitau traveled more than 11,027 miles/17,500 km from New Zealand to Germany to participate in the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 in women’s powerlifting.
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Celebrating Special Olympics Siblings

Dive into the stories of three Special Olympics siblings who live to break the barriers to inclusion.
3 Min Read

Special Olympics & IHRSA Partner to Improve Inclusivity within the Fitness Industry

Special Olympics and IHRSA, the Global Health & Fitness Association, have partnered to build awareness and capacity within the fitness industry to support the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities (ID) in leading an active and healthy life.
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Badminton Experts Deliver Shuttle Time Program to Expand Sport in North America

Special Olympics volunteers and coaches get together to develop their badminton knowledge and expertise.
2 Min Read

Promoting Youth Engagement in India: Special Olympics Bharat’s Story

A National Youth Leadership Summit in India motivates youth of all abilities to be leaders in their communities.
3 Min Read

After Unified Cup Success, Dominique DeHerrera Aims for Even Bigger Name

Dominique DeHerrera may be undersized, but her size doesn’t hold her back on the soccer pitch. Having played the sport since the age of four, the now 20-year-old DeHerrera gets to show her athletic ability and intense competitive spirit at the forward position. Her fierce and mighty style of play has created opportunities that only a select few get to experience.
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In collaboration with the White House Conference on Hunger and Nutrition, Special Olympics Announces New Commitment to Expand Inclusive Fitness, Nutrition, and Health Coaching

The White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health on September 28, 2022, announced a national strategy to end hunger, reduce diet-related diseases by improving healthy eating and physical activity, and eliminate disparities surrounding them by 2030.
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Stingers Family Values: Sportsmanship Turns to Success

The Lasalle-Windsor Stingers dugout was filled with raucous energy as the lanky Matthew Cormier made his way to the batter’s box. His teammates cheered, clapped, and stomped to encourage Cormier as he prepared for his turn at bat. Chants of "let's go Matt!" filled the air. It had the atmosphere of a tightly contested game where everything was on the line.
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How to Build a Healthy Lifestyle: A Conversation with the Special Olympics Fitness & Families Team

Special Olympics Health Team Speaks on Inclusion Revolution Radio About Health and Fitness
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