An athlete participating in MATP celebrates with her coach after shooting a basket.
At the 2019 World Games, 37 Motor Activity Training Program (MATP) athletes showed the world that people of all levels of ability can participate and benefit from athletic programs. These athletes came from local centers that provide services for people with severe or profound disabilities.
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Aboubakrine Sadikh Diaw and Mame Ndiagne Ndiaye standing side by side on the football field. Mame has his hearing aids in.
Football Player Fitted for Hearing Aids at Special Olympics World Games
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Special Olympics Motor Activity Training Program
The Special Olympics Motor Activity Training Program (MATP) welcomes athletes—including those with profound intellectual disability and significant physical disabilities—to participate in sport activities for all ability levels.
Mame Ndiagne Ndiaye being embraced by his team mates after hearing for the first time. He has hearing aids in each ear.
Mame Ndiagne Ndiaye, an athlete from Special Olympics Senegal, receives the gift of hearing during a visit to Healthy Athletes, Healthy Hearing. At age 31, this is the first time Mame has ever heard his own name.
Athlete holding Special Olympics' promotional Fit Feet shoes signed by Bob Beamon.
Bob Beamon, Olympic Long Jump Record Holders, Helps Fit Athletes with Shoes
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Individuals with intellectual disabilities face significant challenges accessing quality health, including services, resulting in pronounced health disparities and reduced life expectancy.
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Around 100 conference participants gathered in front of a large screen and Special Olympics branding.
What a year! Did you know that between 2017 and 2018, almost 90,000 people were involved in Special Olympics health and fitness initiatives across Europe Eurasia?
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A Special Olympics athlete having his eyes tested at an Opening Eyes screening.
Petra and Luka Temnikar travelled 140 kilometres across Slovenia to attend a Special Olympics Opening Eyes screening, and it was worth every kilometre!
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Special Olympics coaches and athletes stand in a gym in work-out gear.
Special Olympics Slovenia is currently in its second year of a three-year Healthy Communities Project, within which one of the main focuses is healthy lifestyle promotion.
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Female speaker with a microphone presents powerpoint presentation at the top of a room.
Special Olympics Belgium recently organised a high-level Health Summit calling for immediate action to improve health services for all people with intellectual disabilities (ID) in Belgium.
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