Special Olympics Athletes, Hillary Kern in a pink Special Olympics hoodie smiling for a picture. Behind her are two Special Olympics Healthy Athletes posters hung on a tan wall.
The following submission comes from Special Olympics New Hampshire athlete Parker Thornton.
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Chicago Cubs Pitcher, Kyle Hendricks, stands with athletes and two Celebrity Sweat celebrities after participating in Yoga. Athletes are in shorts and a red shirt that reads Keep Calm and Live Unified and some of the athletes have medals around their necks. Kyle in all blue and white tights has a medal around his neck.
SO athlete Daniel Smrokowski, Chicago Cubs Kyle Hendricks and his wife Emma Hendricks shared their motivations and daily routines.
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Two SO Fit coaches in red shirts and black athletic bottoms, standing above athletes that are laying on the floor that are performing chest presses with light weights.
It is well documented that people with intellectual disabilities are less active than the general population.
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2017 Golisano Global Health Leadership Award Honorees
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Healthy Athletes: Training for Games, Training for Life
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