Law Enforcement Torch Run

Kevin stands staring after the softball he just threw with his right hand. His hand is still extended. He has a softball mitt on his left hand.
My name is Kevin Brown, and I am a Special Olympics athlete from New York. I work for the FBI, and I was recently chosen to serve on the LETR International Executive Council.
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Athletes power lifting on the beach in Trinidad. One male athlete is lifting and a female is spotting him. other athletes are lined up waiting for a turn. Waves are crashing in the background and it's bright and sunny out.
Some of the Trinidad and Tobago athletes competing at the 2019 World Games in Abu Dhabi were able to show off their skills in front of a home crowd.
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A group of athletes playing bocce on the beach in Trinidad. An audience is forming and officials are conversing. A game of volleyball is being playing in the background.
Fun in the sun was had by all during the 2018 Trinidad & Tobago Beach Games held in Las Cuevas, Trinidad.
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Runners in yellow reflective vests run besides law enforcement officers down a road in a rural setting.
To celebrate the 50 year anniversary of Special Olympics, Special Olympics Mongolia held the first Law Enforcement Torch Run on June 30, 2018.
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Torch Runners… You’re invited to take part in the Delaware Memorial Bridge 5K Run to Acceptance.jpg
This year’s event will be held Sept. 30, and raises money for children and adults in Delaware who participate in Special Olympics.
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50 for 50 with Sergeant Brett Sobieraski.jpg
The 30 year veteran of the Rochester Police Department ran for 50 hours straight to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Special Olympics.
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Over 3,700 Disciplinary Officials Run for athletes with intellectual disability in.jpg
Over 3,700 participants ran for athletes with intellectual disabilities and raised over HK$2.2 million.
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Latvia holds first Law Enforcement Torch Run!.jpg
Latvia recently held its first ever Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) for Special Olympics in Riga!
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Sgt. Marcus Rhodes was recognized for his dedication to the Torch Run for Special Olympics and his local area program.
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Special Olympics Northern California made history when it held the run, which took place inside the California Correctional System.
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