Global Ambassadors and youth leaders gather for a group photo in the Dominican Republic sitting on the stairs inside a building with plants on either side of the group.
The Special Olympics ' Global Athletes Congress is serving as a platform where Special Olympics athletes lead the way to a more inclusive world.
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A female athlete leader holds a microphone as she talks at an event. People in the background listen to her.
Special Olympics, in partnership with Kantar, conducted research on the role of attitudes in promoting inclusion in friendships, communities, health, education, and jobs.
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Ephraim experiencing sitting in a wheel chair surrounded by para-olympians. An athlete on either side of him is holding a basketball.
Ephraim Mohlakane is demonstrating the true power of inclusion by stepping up as a leader outside of the Special Olympics community.
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Dan holding a sign that says Class of 2018-2022. He's standing next to a woman and a man. The man is holding a sign that says Congratulations Daniel! They are all standing in front of a Special Olympics 50th Anniversary background.
Dr. Timothy Shriver, Chairman of the Board of Special Olympics, selecting me for the prestigious class of 2018-2022 Sargent Shriver International Global Messenger.
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Ken Melvin speaking in an interview.
Ken Melvin, a Special Olympics athlete from Russellville, Indiana, will participate in this year’s Global Athlete Congress as a member of the North America Athlete Input Council.
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Daina Shilts holding up her silver medal at the 2013 Special Olympics.
Daina Shilts can and has become a symbol of leadership in the Inclusion Revolution.
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leadership-conferDavid Evangelista, holidng a micraphone and standing behind a podium with text on the front that reads: Inclusion in Motion. He's addresses participants at opening of Special Olympics Europe Eurasia Leadership Conference 2018. A photo in the background is of a young woman splashing out of the water with a look of victory and excitement on her face.
Listen and learn was how Special Olympics Europe Eurasia Regional President & Managing Director, David Evangelista described the Leadership Conference 2018 “Inclusion in Motion”.
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90 participants in a group photo. 4 rows of people are in front of a projection screen with text that reads, inclusion in Motion.
Some interesting facts and figures that emerged from the Special Olympics Europe Eurasia Leadership Conference 2018 “Inclusion in Motion.”
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The athlete leaders and youth leader who contributed to the Special Olympics Europe Eurasia Leadership Conference 2018
“I stand here before you as a leader”—there was no doubting the truth of that statement from Kiera Byland.
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Europe (arms raised in the air): Special Olympics Europe Eurasia Athlete Input Council had their annual meeting where they provided input to the regional leadership and determined their goals for 2019.
The Global Athlete Congress is a 6-day leadership development event held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
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