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Novie Craven

NBA Player Tony Snell Talks About Autism Diagnosis

In honor of Autism Awareness month, on this week’s episode of Inclusion Revolution Radio, podcast host Novie Craven spoke with NBA Player, Tony Snell, about his basketball journey, his foundation, and his recent autism diagnosis.
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Special Olympics helps White House celebrate 33 years of ADA and 50 years of the Rehabilitation Act

On the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) being signed by President George Bush (1990), Special Olympics International (SOI) Chairman Timothy Shriver, and Special Olympics DC athlete and SOI staff member, Novie Craven, were present at the White House last week to celebrate the continued achievements of ADA at work in our country.
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Agents Of Inclusion: Episode Twenty-Eight

Gold medal-winning athlete and podcast host Novie Craven joins JR. Novie discusses her experiences as an athlete as well as her experience as the host of the Inclusion Revolution Radio podcast where she connects with fellow athletes.

Special Olympics Champion Ambassador Mack Hollins Joins the Inclusion Revolution Radio Podcast

Inclusion Revolution Radio host Novie Craven welcomed Special Olympics Champion Ambassador Mack Hollins to the podcast for this week’s episode.
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Special Olympics Celebrity Supporter Elisabeth Röhm Speaks About the 2023 Berlin Games on Inclusion Revolution Radio

Novie Craven and Elisabeth Röhm discuss Elisabeth’s inspiration to get involved with the Special Olympics movement.
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Unified Pairs from Special Olympics Costa Rica and Paraguay Unite on Inclusion Revolution Radio Podcast

Unified pairs Adriana and Daniela from Special Olympics Costa Rica and Dahiana and Marina from Special Olympics Paraguay joined the podcast.
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Inclusion Revolution Radio Podcast Highlights Special Olympics Middle East North Africa

Ayman Wahab and Sherif El Fouly of Special Olympics Middle East North Africa (MENA) join host Novie Craven for another exciting episode of Inclusion Revolution Radio.
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Miss America 2022 Shares Her Avid Support of Special Olympics on Inclusion Revolution Radio

Miss America 2022 Emma Broyles boasts quite the resume and continues to set a new standard for what it means to wear the crown.
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Drew McIntyre Knocks Out a Special Episode of Inclusion Revolution Radio

WWE Superstar and Champion Ambassador Drew McIntyre joins the Inclusion Revolution Radio podcast.
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Dr. Alicia Bazzano and Ann Costello Discuss Health and the Golisano Foundation on Inclusion Revolution Radio

Dr. Alicia Bazzano, Chief Health Officer at Special Olympics, and Ann Costello, Executive Director of the Golisano Foundation, joined the Inclusion Revolution Radio podcast alongside host Novie Craven.
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