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SO Senegal Coach Wins Olympic Values Education Program Recognition

"Disability is not a barrier to doing sports. You can live your passion with a disability."
1 Min Read

First-Ever Basketball Africa League and Special Olympics Unified Sports Event Took Place This Past Month

Last month on 17 March the first-ever Basketball Africa League (BAL) and Special Olympics Unified Sports event took place in Dakar, Senegal.
1 Min Read

A Family Striving for Inclusion: Special Olympics Senegal's Story

A high-school student at a Unified School in Senegal shares the impact Special Olympics programming has made on her cousin with Down syndrome.
2 Min Read

Senegal Athletes Lead Workshops on Handwashing, Hygiene

This work is crucial, especially in the continuing fight to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
1 Min Read

Special Olympics Africa Partners With Sport For Development In Africa For Inclusion

Special Olympics Africa partners with Sport For Development in Africa for Inclusion.
2 Min Read

Team Player on the Field—And Off

Michel needed a job to support his mother and younger siblings, but he had yet to develop the social and adaptive skills that are so necessary in the workplace. Among other things, he had to adapt to working and communicating with a variety of people.
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National Director of Special Olympics Senegal Pens Op-ED on Providing Resources to People with Disabilities during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Special Olympics Senegal National Director Rajah Sy calls for a fully inclusive response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa.
1 Min Read

Khadija's Favorite Race? The 200m!

Khadija Sy wrapped up her 2019 World Games competitions this week with a 100m run and the 4x100 relay.
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Senegal Athlete Hears Unified Partner Speak His Name for First Time in Abu Dhabi

Football Player Fitted for Hearing Aids at Special Olympics World Games
2 Min Read

Deaf Athlete Receives the Gift of Hearing

At age 31, Mame Ndiagne Ndiaye, an athlete from Special Olympics Senegal, hears his is the first time.