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Berlin 2023

Taking place from 17 – 24 June 2023, the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin will be one of the largest sport and humanitarian events to take place that year. Following the Opening Ceremony in the renowned Berlin Olympic Stadium, an estimated 7,000 athletes from over 170 nations will compete in 24 sports across Berlin’s state-of-the-art competition venues. They will be supported by 3,000 coaches and an estimated 20,000 volunteers. The Games will also attract 6,000 family members, more than 2,000 national and international media, and 300,000 spectators.

Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 - Highlights

Relive inspiring moments of our remarkable Special Olympics Europe-Eurasia athletes at the World Games Berlin 2023. Their brilliance continues to shine two months after the Closing Ceremony. Join us in celebrating their achievements!

Agents Of Inclusion: Episode Twenty-Nine

This episode was taped live under the big top of the UniverSoul Circus while based in the National Harbor! Prior to the show, JR sat down with Special Olympics athlete Joe Woodland of the DMV to detail his time as a Special Olympics athlete.

Agents Of Inclusion: Episode Twenty-Seven

Brett Laza and Unified partner Kim Unland join JR. The two discuss their experience with the Law Enforcement Torch Run and their experiences in Berlin at the Special Olympics World Games.

Agents Of Inclusion: Episode Twenty-Six

Volleyball Unified Pair Megan Schnee & Michael Carpenter join JR. The two are back from the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin. They share their experience and what they've gained from their participation in the Special Olympics.

How Does a Photographer Sum up the most Incredible Experience of their Career?

Photographer Dillon Vibes shares his experience attending the Special Olympics World Games 2023 through photographs he captured while in Berlin. Below is a collection of photos and personal insight to his most memorable times at the Games.
4 Min Read

Africa Region at the 2023 Special Olympics World Games Berlin, Germany

34 delegations with over 400 athletes from the Africa Region represented their Programs. Watch our highlights!

Agents Of Inclusion: Episode Twenty-Five

Kearsty McCoy, a Special Olympics USA swimmer joins JR fresh off her trip to Berlin for the Special Olympics World Games and tells the stories behind her 50-plus medals!

Starkey and Healthy Hearing Serve Over 2,200 Athletes at Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023

Starkey Cares has partnered with Special Olympics International to increase access to hearing health services worldwide for Special Olympics athletes
1 Min Read

Albert Tuemann | accessiBe & Special Olympics

In this week’s episode, Josh and Novie spoke with Special Olympics Global Ambassador and professional wrestler, Drew McIntyre, live from Berlin!

Learn about the marketing and communications strategies behind World Games Berlin 2023 with Albert Tuemann

Inclusion Revolution Radio podcast host, Novie Craven, and co-host, Josh Basile, from accessiBe have teamed up to release a podcast mini-series highlighting the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023.
1 Min Read