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Six young adults on stage putting on a performance. The sign in the background reads Unified Champion Schools Distinction Awards.
ESPN honored sixteen schools for their commitment to high standards of inclusion through the Unified Champion School model.
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Students and teachers cheering in the bleachers. All have on Unified Champion Schools t-shirts.
ESPN honored four schools participating in the “Play Unified. Learn Unified.” project supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. These schools were recognized for their commitment to high standards of inclusion through the Unified Champion School model.
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a group of young adults huddled in a circle looking down as the camera looks up at them for a unique photo.
Youth Leaders from around the world took action in 2018 through innovative outlets to achieve inclusive schools and communities.
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Girl kneeling down and lighting flame of hope from the reflective dish, athletes and spectators are in the background.
During a moving ceremony in Athens, Greece the Flame of Hope torch was lit by the rays of the sun as the first part of its journey to the Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019.
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Flame is bound for Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019.
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special olympics world games abu dhabi 2019 logo
Largest Games in 50 year history with 7,500-plus athletes, 190-plus nations, 24 sports and more.
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800x450 - SNF artciel lead photo.jpgSasha Stanojevic, Maria Rakova, Tobias Staebler, Milana Jeremic, Vasilis Kasimitis holding a Play Unified. Learn Unified. sign outside in San Diego, CA.
The Global Project Team of the ‘Play Unified. Learn Unified’ project funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) had the opportunity to meet and look towards the future of the project under the sunny San Diego skies at the recent Unified Champion Schools Conference.
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Special Olympics leaders gathered together in a group photo holding a Play Unified. Learn Unified, Special Olympics banner.
Special Olympics leaders from the United States and around the world gathered in San Diego, California to plan the expansion of Unified Schools and Unified Champion Schools.
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Four different images with two people in each smiling and showing friendly support of one another.
142 youth leaders with and without intellectual disabilities are the recipients of a second round of Special Olympics Youth Innovation grants, resulting in 84 Youth Innovation Projects.
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Cafu smiling wearing a black polo that reads, Special Olympics Global Athlete
Legendary Brazilian footballer Marcos Evangelista de Morais—known as Cafu—has today signed up as a Special Olympics Global Ambassador.
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