Unified Sports

The Play Unified: Learn Unified project in Morocco is driving inclusive education policy.
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In February 2021, Youth Leaders in Egypt planned and participated in the country's first ever Unified Fitness Challenge.
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Special Olympics Ohio athlete and coach Bobby Reidl will announce an NFL Draft pick for the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday during the fourth round of the 2021 NFL Draft.
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Head coach Kaly Warner is loud and cheerful, often embarrassing her Rangeview High School athletes with a sideline celebration for their achievements.
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There are over 147,000 volunteer coaches who dedicate their time towards providing quality sport opportunities for athletes across the SONA Region. Congrats Coach Jennifer LaCapra, 2020 SONA Outstanding UCS Coach! This is the first year we’ve awarded the honor of SONA Outstanding Coach to two recipients.READ ARTICLE
At the 2019 World Games, Tan Yee Shu was known as the talented and motivated captain of his Unified basketball team. He continued that leadership even after competitions and in-person training halted due to COVID-19.
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Coach LaCapra, of Oxford High School, was awarded the SONA Outstanding Coach award for Unified Champion Schools.
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Special Olympics Georgia athlete Lani DeMello continues to achieve incredible things in athletics and coaching gymnastics.
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My name is Novie. I’m an athlete, leader, and employee with a disability. I represented Special Olympics D.C. in Seattle, Washington, at the 2018 USA Games, and I work at Special Olympics International.
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Special Olympics Europe Eurasia has today—on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities—announced that the first ever European Unified Youth Basketball Tournament will take place in Sansepolcro, Italy in October 2021.
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