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The Berlin Declaration

The Global Forum for Inclusion will take place during the 2023 Special Olympics World Games in Berlin, the largest global sporting event of the year. Participants in the Global Forum for Inclusion are partnering in action to promote inclusive education and communities through sports for youth of all abilities.

Our Commitment

We call upon governments and the global community to pledge action toward (a) creating, coordinating, and integrating appropriate cross-sectoral public policies making inclusive sports in schools part of the academic and educational journey of all students, (b) allocating financing, including official development assistance, adequate to ensure the progressive realization of said policies, starting with ensuring that at least 3% of education budgets support inclusive education programming for students with disabilities, (c) upon achieving at least 3% of education budget for inclusive education programming, continue to striving to achieve an education budget that fully supports a comprehensive education for all students with disabilities, and (d) support especially Special Olympics to offer community-level inclusive sports worldwide.

Commit to Inclusion with the Global Forum:
“I consent to Special Olympics, Inc to use my email address to send me information specific to the region I live in.”