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Special Olympics World Winter Games Alaska 2001 Logo
  • Location: Anchorage, Alaska
    Dates: 4th – 11th March 2001
    Theme: Challenging New Frontiers
    Number of Athletes: 2,750
    Number of Programs: 80
    This is a selection of clips from Special Olympics World Games opening ceremonies including the Games in China and Ireland.
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‘The most effective way to raise awareness is to let persons with intellectual disability speak for themselves’
2 Min Read
“I wish to see more young people make themselves available to support us. I would like to see students and teachers come out because they learn to understand us and know that being together helps us to live more peacefully.”
3 Min Read
Jamaican athlete and Special Olympics employee David Duncan speaks with JR ahead of the Global Athlete Congress. David began his Special Olympics journey as a volunteer, and now he is one of the select representatives helping chart the course for athletes around the world. The Global Athlete Congress will meet in June (2023) at the Special Olympics World Games, which gives athletes a voice and agency in charting their own path forward. David explains to JR why the employment of Special Olympics athletes is of such importance to him that he is bringing the cause to the forefront of the discussion at the World Games.