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Two athletes competing. One athlete is flipping the other.

This page draws together judo-related information for all of Special Olympics. The coaching materials and other links will help you get a good sense of how this sport contributes to Special Olympics.


The aim in judo is for one opponent to subdue the other onto their backs by gripping the judo uniform and using throwing techniques from a standing position and pinning techniques from a ground position. Judo, meaning “gentle way” in Japanese, requires both spiritual discipline and demanding physical capabilities. Rules and techniques are modified to ensure safety and enjoyment to all its competitors.

Two athletes demonstrating a move while the class observes.

Judo Coaching Resources

Coaching guide, rules, and other materials for coaches.

Additional Coaching Resources

General Coaching Information

How to become an excellent Special Olympics coach: videos, brochures and more covering coaching basics

General Sport Resources

Basic resources and information Special Olympics coaches need to be successful, including Sports Article 1, rules, fact sheets, materials on CD and DVD, quizzes and event-management guides.

All Sport Resources

Get rules, fact sheets, coaching guides, quizzes broken out for each sport, plus comprehensive information on coach development, athlete development and Unified Sports.