Youth Voices: Meet Special Olympics Inclusive Youth Leaders from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Youth Voices Meet Special Olympics Inclusive Youth Leaders from Bosnia and Herzegovina.jpg

Special Olympics Inclusive Youth Leaders Njegoš Mihajlovic, aged 17, and Anđela Petrović, aged 19, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, are among the passionate youth leaders across the world leading the charge for a more inclusive future!

Njegoš and Anđela have been Inclusive Youth Leaders with Special Olympics for a year. They first met through salsa dancing and crossed paths again when Anđela volunteered in an organisation called, ‘Sunce’, which helps children and youth with special needs. Last year they decided to become a pair of Inclusive Youth Leaders and they have already led a Unified table tennis project involving five towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Njegoš and Anđela are also part of Special Olympics European Eurasia Inclusive Youth Leadership Committee (iYAC). They both emphasise the new friendships they have gained through Special Olympics. Anđela adds, “It is important to bring awareness and let other youth know that Special Olympics athletes can play sport”.