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A Letter from Frank Gifford

Dear Eunice,

As a charter and founding member of Special Olympics I have many wonderful memories of great events and dramatic moments. Forever etched in my mind is the 60 yard dash in our very first International Game held on the campus of U.C.L.A in Los Angeles. I was calling the race for ABC: Wide World of Sports and as the finalists broke from the start one of the athletes sped to the front of the field. Then with a commanding lead on his way to a sure victory he began to stumble then fall. Another Special Olympian sped by taking a sure to win lead. But as he flashed by his fallen young friend, he all of a sudden stopped, looking first at the finish line before turning, and walking back to his fallen opponent. Then as I have recalled so many times, he helped his fellow Olympian to his feet, and they finished the race, together, hand in hand, in last place. It brought tears to my eyes, and for me it has always symbolized, what Special Olympics is all about; caring, loving and helping one another.

Frank Gifford