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A Letter from Maria Shriver

Dear Mummy,

Happy Happy Birthday. You are my hero and I love you so so much. Thank you for the gift of life, for encouraging me always in everything I have ever done. You have always been my number one fan. The first to call me after every TV show I ever did. The first to visit every bookstore in America and make sure my book was front and center. If not you moved it there yourself. You were always the first to push me forward and to catch me when I fell back. Your life, your work is an example to me of what is possible. You have always fought for the underdog. You are an inspiration and a hero to millions of people with intellectual disabilities -To me you are mummy - tough - smart - funny - competitive - driven. On this birthday I hope you take a moment to realize you have changed the world. Yes you did. You also made my life. You once said you wished everyone could have a daughter named Maria. I wish everyone could have a mother named Eunice. Actually so many have. You mothered a family and a movement. I love you Happy Birthday Mummy.

Love Maria