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A Letter from Ossie Kilkenny

And still they gazed and still their wonder grew...

What flashes upon the inward eye when one thinks of Eunice? For me it is a picture of her amongst her special people when together they communicate with a warmth, purity and simplicity that is truly humbling. I have been fortunate to have witnessed this on a number of occasions - always captivating and invigorating. She challenges us every day to open the door to those who cannot themselves find the path to celebrate their abilities. Her enduring gift to the world is a future with hope for millions who do not have a voice such as hers. Physical frailty has done little to damper her indomitable spirit or the urgency of her call to action for my country she has left an indelible imprint where people with intellectual disabilities can look to a future of inclusion. What happened in Dublin in 2003 changed the attitudes of a nation.

God is with her.

Ossie Kilkenny.