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Business Leader

A Letter from Dr. Dicken Yung

The World has lost a Great Mother, a mother who had given so much care and love to countless special people with intellectual disabilities at all fronts.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Senator Harry Reid

Her vision to create the Special Olympics gave hope, dignity and inspiration to millions of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.
1 Min Read

A Letter from S. Dey

A great soul who has created joys, happiness and purpose of living to our 29000 athletes.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Shi Derong

Her passion and devotion will always inspire me.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Robert A. Eckert

The world is a better place because Eunice Kennedy Shriver touched it.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Kevin M. Farr

Thank you, Eunice, for your tireless efforts which have made this world a better place for each and every one of us.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Ossie Kilkenny

She challenges us every day to open the door to those who cannot themselves find the path to celebrate their abilities.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Stephanie and Ray Lane

You have opened our eyes and enabled the rest of us to follow your lead and enjoy the magic of these Special Athletes.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Carolyn and Peter Lynch

Eunice, you have accomplished with Special Olympics something I have not seen achieved by thousands and thousands of companies in the last ten, twenty, or forty years.
2 Min Read

A Letter from Quincy Jones

Through that vehicle, she's impacted and helped countless individuals over the globe.
1 Min Read