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Partners of the Movement

Minute Media

Large group of people in yellow shirts.
The FanSided Team volunteered at Special Olympics USA Games in Orlando, FL in June 2022.

In 2022, Minute Media partnered with Special Olympics with the goal of amplifying the importance of inclusivity in sports through community work and content creation.

A Commitment to Change

Expanding on their prioritization of diversity and inclusion, Minute Media and its portfolio of brands (including FanSided, The Players’ Tribune, 90min, DBLTAP, The Big Lead and Mental Floss) partnered with Special Olympics International to help end discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities and further inclusivity in sports.

This multi-year partnership kicked off in Orlando, FL at Special Olympics 2022 USA Games where, as part of their annual company offsite, nearly 100 Minute Media and FanSided employees from around the world volunteered their time in-person at a variety of different Special Olympics events.

Continued Support

This global partnership exemplifies the power of authentic storytelling and will continue to leverage Minute Media's editorial platforms to raise awareness and share the inspiring stories of people with intellectual disabilities, especially through direct interaction within the volunteer opportunities at Special Olympics events which the company's employees will be dedicating their time to.

FanSided Special Olympics Event Day 1

Minute Media plans to support Special Olympics through grassroots storytelling efforts (featuring editorial, video and audio content) that cover not only Special Olympics and its athletes, but other Special Olympics partners as well. Additionally, the company plans to amplify Special Olympics messages via social media, digital advertisements and white label content creation.

Finally, Minute Media will also provide mentoring and job shadowing opportunities for Special Olympics athletes interested in building a career in media.

Want to Learn More?

With this partnership, Minute Media hopes to reimagine what the intersection of inclusive content between fans and industries looks like - creating communities that celebrate uniqueness. You can find some of these communities and the incredible stories they share in FanSided’s “Why We Play” editorial series.

FanSided Volunteers with Special Olympics
FanSided Volunteers with Special Olympics at the 2022 USA Games in Orlando Florida.